A brief guide to demystify social ROI.

It’s a myth that you can’t prove social media’s impact on revenue. But with only 34 percent of organizations measuring social ROI, and 58 percent unable to determine if their social campaigns are effective, measuring return on investment in social media remains a key challenge of 2018. 

The Subtle Art of Social Media ROI showcases a new breed of CMOs using social media to decrease costs, differentiate their brand, and impact the bottom line.

By the end, you’ll learn:

  • Why social teams struggle to prove ROI

  • How to build your organization’s measurement framework

  • New ways to extend the value of social across the customer lifecycle

  • Real-world examples from eHarmony, Unilever, AccorHotels, and Grupo Expansión

  • New data on how CMOs are measuring the ROI of social.

As you’ll see, social is the right channel for digital growth. But most teams measure it the wrong way. This book will help you fix that.

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