HootSuite Enterprise

The only platform you need to connect your business to the world


Listen to the conversation

HootSuite helps you get to know your customers, competitors, and the influencers that shape your industry.

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    Identify buying signals

    Create filters that pinpoint key decision makers, influencers, and news makers.

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    Track your competitors

    Listen for what your competitors are doing on social media. Match their efforts and ensure your brand is ahead of the curve.

We use HootSuite as a tool to monitor what our fans are talking about and what type of content is resonating with them. We are able to make editorial decisions to build out the content that is doing well across social - so that fans who come to our site can also consume that content.

John Pacino, VP Digital Design, NHL

Engage with your audience


  • Reach every channel

    Now you can deliver content across over 25 social networks from a single dashboard.

    Right place, right time

    HootSuite lets you see questions and issues as they arise and respond with the click of a button.

    Talk to the right people

    Use geolocation to share content with a specific demographic and location.

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Collaborate across your entire organization

Now you can empower your entire organization to work together through social media.

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    Amplify your messages

    When your entire organization can connect with customers, influencers, and brand advocates, your messages get amplified and your audience stays engaged.

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    Assign tasks with ease

    Assign messages to teams, departments, or regions within your organization. Your audience will get the answers they need from the right people in your organization.

When you have that many people involved in a stream you have to have good communication, otherwise you have people bumping into each other. HootSuite has enabled our team to manage workflow and collaboration, while maintaining secure permissions.

Michael Landauer, Digital Communities Manager, The Dallas Morning News

Instant brand insights.

HootSuite gives you data on emerging trends so you can get to know your customers and respond to their voice.

  • Powerful analytics

    Our robust visualization tools make it easy for you to digest and understand social media data.

    Custom reports

    Use social data to inform decisions and maximize ROI.

    Influencer profiles

    Get complete data on influencers who drive trending conversations.

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Seamless integration.

We work with the world’s best technologies to connect the systems,
tools, and applications your business uses with our platform.
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    Connected Applications

    Connecting HootSuite with the business applications and tools you already know and use. The HootSuite App Directory offers more than 80 integrated apps.

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    Custom Solutions

    Customize your HootSuite experience and connect your social data with the internal systems you rely on through HootSuite’s extensible, scalable platform.

Complete security.

HootSuite keeps your organization
 secure against social media threats.
  • Centralized account provisioning

    Give only one trusted administrator access to your master password.

    Constant protection

    Get continuous monitoring for unauthorized or fraudulent accounts, spam, and malware.

    Real-time alerts

    You get real-time alerts when we detect any suspicious activity.

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Ensure your social media is compliant

 HootSuite helps you monitor and enforce compliance guidelines and regulations throughout your organization.

  • Brand compliance


    Policy management

    Monitor and enforce your organization with custom policies that manage teams, divisions, or regions.

    Two-step approval process

    Your administrator can double check every message before it’s shared.

  • Regulatory compliance


    Automated Content Moderation

    Ensure all content conforms, including scanning all URLs for malware or other risks.

    Intelligent message archiving

    Archive all of your outgoing drafts and messages. Use filters to organize your archive and be prepared for regulatory audits.

Educate your team

HootSuite’s education resources empower your employees to get the most out of social media.

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    Get up and running fast

    We provide custom training to help you roll out social media across your entire organization.

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    Be prepared for crises

    We train your team to deal with crises before they happen. Our security training gives your team the skills to protect your brand from social media threats.

Scale globally

  • Built for your growth

    Create teams that mirror your company’s structure and securely support over 500,000 employees.

    Language filters

    Executing globally? HootSuite lets you listen and engage in up to 15 languages.


    Create geotargeted searches and posts to engage with communities around the world.

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HootSuite makes it really easy to scale because they have all kinds of options: adding more team members and organizing the different accounts that you have. As we grow, and the popularity of our accounts, followers, and the fans increase I know we will be able to support them.

Richard Harris, Social Media Senior Manager, Seagate