Deploy a social selling solution your team will actually use

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Drive adoption of social selling with an easy-to-use dashboard—for all levels of social and tech savviness.

Find social leads based on sales territory in real time with intuitive monitoring and search features.

Onboard teams quickly and build new social selling skills with training so reps see value quickly.

Do it with these Hootsuite products:

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Nurture prospects with preapproved content

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Stay on brand and compliant by creating preapproved content for your sales team to share with prospects.

Position reps as experts by providing thought leadership content they can add to their social profiles.

Identify buying signals to know when to reach out by measuring prospects’ engagement with content.

Do it with these Hootsuite products:

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Protect your brand, manage your risk, and stay compliant

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Manage platform access for reps, contractors, or partners as your sales team grows and changes.

Set publishing permissions to ensure only approved sales reps can post to company accounts.

Cut the risk of employee error and stay compliant with two-step publishing approvals, and content libraries.

Do it with these Hootsuite products:

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Prove the ROI of your sales team’s performance

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Track social as a lead source by pushing social leads directly to your CRM system to expand contact profiles.

Measure the success of individual sales reps, including their productivity and interaction history.

Prove the impact of your social selling by connecting your social activity with your web analytics software.

Do it with these Hootsuite products:

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We’re starting to build concrete connections between our social activity and ticket sales. Using Hootsuite, we’re able to track the performance of our content and see how specific tweets impact our bottom line.

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