Social Customer Service

Deliver exceptional social customer service

Quickly resolve issues and delight your customers

Social customer service is the best way to connect your brand with people on a personal level. From a help desk, support center, or social community, Hootsuite helps you identify customer issues, resolve problems effectively, and create advocates for your brand.


Quickly resolve customer issues

Pinpoint customer questions by monitoring your social accounts and brand mentions across the social web. Now, when your customers need help, they won’t be playing the waiting game.


Streamline your support efforts

Collaborate across teams and departments to accelerate your social customer support efforts. Your customer service team can assign support requests to the right expert within your company to resolve the matter effectively. 


Measure customer happiness

How effective is your social customer service? Check real-time brand sentiment, track mentions, and create in-depth reports so you can prove the ROI of your customer support efforts.