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    Social Media Trends 2019

    We’ve compiled data from 3255 respondents, interviews with industry analysts, and exhaustive market research to forecast trends for the year. Get actionable insights to adapt to change in 2019.

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    Social Trends Toolkit

    What do you get when you combine industry leading social media research and data with actionable insights and trend forecasting? All the tools to create a brilliant social strategy—and it’s all right here. 

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Social Media Trends To Put Into Practice For 2019


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    The Future of Social: 2019 and Beyond

    The Future of Social saw Hootsuite CMO Penny Wilson, and top executives from Adobe, Linkedin and Facebook, share how they are leading the way with social. We’ve curated the best content from all 7 cities, and are bringing it to you in a virtual event.

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    CMO Briefing: Social Media Trends 2019

    Read this CMO briefing to discover how to equip your teams with insights into the biggest trends, practical recommendations on how to leverage them, and examples of bes-in-class brands getting it right.

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    The Global State of Digital in 2019

    Guide your digital strategy with essential insights and data from our Digital in 2019 Report. Plus, get access to individual breakdowns by countries too.

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    The State of Social Media in Government in 2019

    Hootsuite’s annual report on the social media trends that matter for government.

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    2019 Social Media Trends for Financial Services and Insurance

    In this report, we examine new ways that organizations in the financial services and insurance sectors can use social media to drive revenue, decrease costs, and mitigate risk in 2019.

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