Engage with your audiences

Better social engagement for better social results

Engage with people across all your social media accounts through a single dashboard. Create custom, targeted streams to see the conversations relevant to you as they unfold. Then engage with your audiences quickly and consistently—across your organization.


Solutions for better social media engagement

  • Manage more social networks

    Stay current on global and regional social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Sina Weibo, and more.

  • Reply with a single click

    Now, anyone on your team—in any region or department—can quickly respond to messages, mentions, and comments on a single dashboard.

  • Sear

    Search by location or language

    Monitor social conversations across the globe or around your neighbourhood—in multiple languages—and be exactly where your audience is.

  • Save time with archived responses

    Quickly respond to common questions or customer requests when you save responses for future use.

  • Hootsuite lists of influencers

    Identify influencers and leads

    Listen closely to the people that matter to your business. Create, import, and share lists of social influencers and important clients.

  • Track interaction history

    Track interaction history

    See all interactions with a contact—across your organization—so conversations are in context and consistent, no matter who engages with them.