Powerful analytics that bring your social media data to life

1 Metrics

Get a complete overview of your key metrics

Get a clear and concise overview of your key Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram activity with easy-to-understand visualizations. No setup required.

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Create unlimited real-time reports

Easily build an unlimited number of real-time reports—called Boards—measuring the in-depth performance of your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

Measure Team Perf

Measure team performance

Track how long it takes your team to respond to and resolve the Tweets, Twitter direct messages, Facebook comments, and Facebook private messages assigned to them, so you can boost responsiveness.

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Share custom reports

Bring social media metrics from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram together into custom reports that you can easily export and share with your team.

Metrics from Hootsuite have provided us with tangible and quantifiable insights to measure content that is shared with leadership teams. These Metrics illustrate the success of content and how we can reach new and existing audiences better.

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