Add security to your social media strategy

Protect your valuable social accounts,
secure your brand reputation

There's a reason why thousands of enterprises trust Hootsuite to protect their social media assets. Hootsuite's Security platform helps your organization meet regulatory guidelines, reduce the risk of employee error, and protect against social media threats. 


Go beyond secure social media

  • Secure all your social accounts

    Whether you have 2 or 20,000 team members, you can give and revoke access to your social networks without sharing your passwords.

  • Control employee permissions

    Give each team member the appropriate access to publish to your social networks on your behalf.

  • Stay secure on mobile devices

    Our HTTPS settings keep your passwords safe even while you’re on mobile devices or while using WiFi.

  • Get instant security notifications

    If there’s ever any suspicious activity on your account, you’ll be the first to know thanks to real-time security notifications.

  • Avoid social media accidents

    Hootsuite’s double approval system prevents mistakenly posting to the wrong account and reduces the risk of employee error.

  • Meet regulatory standards

    Ensure your social messaging meets regulatory standards set by bodies like FINRA, HIPAA, and others—through our integrations with Nexgate, Social Safeguard, and Global Relay.