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An illustrated view of Campaigns working on a tablet, desktop computer, and phone.

Create campaigns across these networks

Hootsuite Campaigns works across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and Youtube

  • A Hootsuite Campaigns user-generated gallery

    Leverage user content

    Photo and video
    contests give you
    branded, user-generated content that you can use for your future campaigns.

  • A Hootsuite Campaigns email form

    Collect qualified leads

    Create giveaways or sweepstakes where entrants submit and email, sign up, or comment to enter.

  • A Hootsuite Campaigns dashboard.

    Reach your audience anywhere

    Your campaigns, galleries, and contests are responsive so you can reach your audience on any device. 

Campaigns at a glance

  • Photo Contests

    Photo contests

    Your community submits, shares, votes, and comments on photos.

  • Video Contests

    Video contests

    Your community submits, shares, votes, and comments on videos. 

  • Text Contests

    Text contests

    Community members enter the contest via written submissions.

  • Caption Contests

    Caption contests

    Entrants create the best captions to match videos or images.

  • Viral Sweepstakes

    Viral sweepstakes

    Entrants leave a comment or submit an email for a chance to win.

  • Visual Galleries

    Visual galleries

    Use hashtags to automatically display photos and videos in a gallery.

  • Social Feeds

    Social feeds

    Use Instagram, Twitter, and Vine to create branded social feeds.

  • Sign-ups

    Sign ups

    Send newsletters, create email sign-up forms, and add form questions to your email marketing solution.