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Accelerate your business in the social media era

Join thousands of enterprises, including 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies, who use Hootsuite to listen, collaborate, analyze, and securely engage across the social web.


Listen to the conversation

Gain a competitive advantage when you listen to your customers, competitors, and social influencers.

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    Identify social buying signals

    Create filters to pinpoint key decision makers and see when customers are ready to buy. 

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    Track your competitors

    Learn what your competition are doing on social, beat their efforts, and stay ahead of the curve.


Engage with your customers and community

Build meaningful relationships with your audience and turn them into brand advocates.

  • Post across global and regional social networks

    Deliver content across over 25 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Sina Weibo, Mixi, and more.

    Deliver exceptional social customer service

    See questions and problems as they arise and respond to customer issues with a single click.

    Geo-target your messages

    Publish relevant content to specific audiences based on demographic, location, and language.

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Collaborate with your regional and global teams

Streamline your workflows and seamlessly collaborate between departments, regions, and teams throughout your organization.

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    Amplify campaigns from within

    Empower employees in any department or region to share content with their networks to drive campaign messages.

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    Assign tasks to your team members

    Assign messages to teams, departments, or regions and ensure your customers get the answers they need from the right people in your organization. 

When you have many people involved in a stream you need good communication. Hootsuite enables our team to manage workflow and collaboration, while maintaining secure permissions.

Michael Landauer, Digital Communities Manager, The Dallas Morning News



Measure your social ROI with confidence

Get powerful insights and real-time data on all your business-specific social media metrics.

  • Visualize your social media performance

    Easily track and understand deep social media data from across the social web.

    Prove your social ROI

    Create custom reports and present social media metrics that matter to your business. 

    Influencer profiles

    Get complete data on influencers who drive trending conversations.

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Integrate social media with the tools you already work with

We work with the world’s best technologies to connect the systems, tools, and applications your business uses with our platform.

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    Connect with popular social business apps

    Enjoy 100+ app integrations like BrandWatch, HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, ZenDesk, and start using social media to enhance all areas of your business.

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    Customize Hootsuite to your enterprise

    Connect your social data with the internal systems you rely on thanks to Hootsuite’s extensible, scalable platform. 


Secure your valuable social assets

Mitigate risk and protect your entire organization against social media threats and crises.

  • Keep your accounts under one password

    Centralized account provisioning lets you give just one administrator access to your master password.

    Be constantly protected

    Hootsuite continuously monitors for unauthorized or fraudulent accounts, spam, and malware.

    Get real-time security alerts

    Know exactly where and when we detect any suspicious activity.

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Ensure your social media is compliant

 Meet social media compliance requirements and avoid compromising your brand.

  • Brand compliance


    Manage your brand’s policies

    Monitor and enforce your organization with custom policies that manage teams, divisions, or regions.

    Double check every post

    Hootsuite's two-step approval process means your administrator can double check every message before it’s shared.

  • Regulatory compliance


    Automatically moderate your content

    Automatic content moderation scans your content - including URLs for malware and other risks - to ensure compliance.

    Automatically archive your messages

    Use filters to organize and archive your messages and prepare for regulatory audits.


Learn how to accelerate social media usage in your enterprise

Maximize social media adoption across your organization and drive immediate ROI.

  • enterprise-educate-upRunning

    Get up and running fast

    Hootsuite provides custom training to help you roll out social media across your entire organization.

  • enterprise-educate-security

    Be prepared for crises

    Our security training gives your team the skills to protect your brand from social media crises before they happen.


Scale globally

Hootsuite is built to grow with your enterprise as you add employees, locations, and new business opportunities.

  • Accommodate your growth

    Create teams that mirror your company’s structure and securely support over 500,000 employees.

    Use Hootsuite around the globe

    Executing globally? Hootsuite lets you listen and engage more than 10 languages.

    Geotarget your social efforts

    Create geotargeted searches and posts to engage with communities around the world.

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