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Engage with your audiences and build brand awareness

Our Business plan has the features businesses need to build their brand, grow followers, and manage social media more efficiently as a team.

Get results and prove social ROI

Our Business plan lets agencies deliver customized solutions to their clients, while letting them easily demonstrate their clients' social media ROI.  

  • Graphic for 5 - 10 users

    5 - 10 users

    Collaborate efficiently with a team of 5 - 10 users, but securely managing access.

  • Graphic for 35 social profiles

    35 social profiles

    Manage up to 35 social media profiles in one place, all with one password.

  • Graphic for Advanced analytics with data exports

    Advanced analytics with data exports

    Prove your social ROI with real-time analysis, unlimited custom reports, and exports.

  • Graphic for Automatic & bulk content scheduling

    Automatic & bulk content scheduling

    Save time by uploading and scheduling as many as 350 posts at once.

  • Graphic for Approvals and assignments

    Approvals and assignments

    Work smarter by assigning team members to manage posts and approve content.

  • Graphic for 150+ free, paid, and premium apps

    150+ free, paid, and premium apps

    Do more by integrating the marketing tools you already use into your dashboard.

  • Graphic for Custom Branded URLs

    Custom Branded URLs

    Track clicks and traffic sources for your content with customized, shortened URLs.

  • Graphic for Platform & social marketing certifications

    Platform & social marketing certifications

    Get industry–recognized Hootsuite platform and social marketing certifications for your team.

  • Graphic for 24/7 priority support

    24/7 priority support

    Ongoing 24/7 support with multilingual coverage.

  • Graphic for Extended 1-on-1 training

    Extended 1-on-1 training

    Customize your dashboard during a one-hour session with our Customer Success team.

  • Graphic for $5,000 monthly boost spend

    $5,000 monthly boost spend

    Spend up to $5,000 every month to ensure your content reaches its full potential.

As we launched our social media program, we knew we needed a platform that would be able to handle and scale with our increasingly complex needs. Hootsuite absolutely accomplished this for us.

Tim Kelsey Director of Client Marketing Services Pronto Marketing