About Hootsuite's Student Program

Hootsuite's Student Program provides educators and their classrooms free semester access to professional social media tools and resources. Resources available for classroom use include:

  • Hootsuite Free Dashboard

    Educators and students get hands-on learning with free access to Hootsuite, the world's #1 platform for managing social media.

    Get access to Hootsuite Free and Pro

  • Free Online Courses

    Educators and students get access to Hootsuite Academy, which includes social media video lessons to learn from.

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  • Free Certification

    Everyone can earn their Hootsuite Platform Certification and gain real-world social media credentials for free.

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Educators that sign up their class for Hootsuite's Student Program also have access to the following benefits:

  •  Access to sample curricula and class activity ideas from Hootsuite and other educators
  •  One-on-one social media education coaching to help instructors create and execute an engaging course

Hootsuite's STUDENT Program

Learn Social Media with Hootsuite.

Learn essential professional digital skills and get certified on the
most widely-used platform for managing social media.


Educators save time and students learn more

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  • Customize your course with easy-to-integrate materials

    Seamlessly integrate social media education into your curriculum with the help of courseware, sample curricula, and Hootsuite resources.

  • Incorporate on-demand courseware

    Easily stream video lessons in your classroom—or assign them for self-study.

  • Encourage self-assessment with integrated quizzes

    Self-guided tests and quizzes let your students easily track 

When you add Hootsuite to your classroom, students:

 Get hands-on practice mastering professional social media skills

 Develop expertise using the most widely used platform for managing social media

 Learn skills that are in-demand and valued by the workplace 

 Are better prepared to work in a digital and connected world

Students learn essential professional
digital skills with the most widely
used platform for managing social media

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Student Testimonials

"Having the opportunity to work with Hootsuite in Dr. Freberg's class was a great foundation to the world of strategic planning of social media content. I was able to take that foundation and build upon it in order to ensure that the posts that I schedule out for Team USA not only makes sense, but that there is a thought process behind everything I do and everything that goes out."

Samantha Hughey
Audience Engagement Editor | Team USA

"While I was a student at Syracuse University, I used Hootsuite daily at my internships. I interned at the local paper during a time when there was a shift from print to digital and I used my Hootsuite skills to help pioneer that shift. Knowing the basics of SEO and content curation helped me prepare a top-notch LinkedIn profile to help me in my job search.”

Alexandra Ptachick
Digital Producer | USA Today


Integrate social media and analytics in your classroom with Hootsuite & IBM Academic Initiative

Add IBM's social media analytics solution to your classroom with Hootsuite’s Student Program to help your students take the understanding of end-to-end customer experience to the next level. By using Hootsuite to take advantage of everything social media, students will next need to develop skills on how to best transform this “Big Data” into actionable insights. IBM Social Media Analytics can help your students learn how to harness social data and take decisive actions across product and sales life cycles.

Read more about IBM Academic Initiative in Social Business and how to bring in other IBM technologies into your course.


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