AR is making waves, particularly in the manufacturing industry. In this environment, the technology is used to monitor equipment in real-time and highlight any foreseeable maintenance issues before they’ve become a problem. And, in more consumer-facing industries like retail, AR will eventually have a monumental impact.

What will catalyse this AR revolution? Ryan Donovan, SVP product and technology at Hootsuite, thinks Apple will play a major role.

“The impact of Apple’s advancements in AR will be profound. I truly believe Augmented Reality is going to work its way pervasively into everyday use cases as the ability to create advanced experiences to a very large install base is bigger than ever before. In my opinion, AR will become an expected norm in terms of how brands will interact with their customers in the near future. Apple is even showcasing an AR experience to reveal what their new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR will look like in an office space.”

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