Every marketer wants to tangibly prove their social media ROI. And now, you can.


Impact helps enterprise organizations understand the revenue and marketing results generated by social media. You’ll know the exact actions you need to increase results from your organic and paid social media content.

Roi Dashboard

Executive ROI dashboard

Go beyond vanity metrics. Show your boss how social media channels and campaigns are driving conversions, leads, and sales in customized dashboards with graphs, tables, and KPI summaries.

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Optimize organic and paid strategies

Measure conversions by social channel and separate ROI between owned and paid media. Improve performance by analyzing by content, spend, and conversions.

Real-time strategy insights

Learn how your followers interact with your content and get specific recommendations to continually increase your reach and revenue. Get month over month analysis on performance through easily digestible, sentence-based insights.

See the bigger picture

Connect with Adobe Analytics to bring measurement across the entire customer journey together. Leverage BI tools, like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, to compare your social data to other marketing efforts and share it with other teams, in one place.

Discover New Audiences

Discover new audiences to better target your campaigns

Increase your organic and paid performance on LinkedIn by uncovering new and relevant audiences to improve campaign targeting.

Reach your potential

We want you to see the real impact of social on your business. To make sure that happens, our training and strategic services will:

  • Help you establish goals and define what success looks like
  • Get everyone up to speed with initial product training for your team
  • Regularly review progress and provide ongoing support to ensure adoption and make recommendations along the way

We’re rooting for you. And we want to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

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