• Graphic for Orange delivers with Hootsuite

    Orange delivers with Hootsuite

    See how Orange delivers personalized service for more than 230 million mobile customers.

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    Herschel delights with Hootsuite

    Discover how Herschel Supply achieved a 20% boost in customer service satisfaction.

Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media.



Trusted by 800+ of the Fortune 1000



Used in every country in the world


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The biggest ecosystem with 150+ apps

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  • Learn how SXSW uses social to keep 72,000+ attendees entertained, informed, and safe.

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  • Discover how the WWF got 560,000 mentions to support a campaign launch.

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  • See how Wiley achieved a 90% lift in employee engagement on social.

  • Find out how the City of New York tripled its online audience with Hootsuite.

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  • Learn how Marketo uses Hootsuite to target buyers and shorten their lead cycle.

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  • Read how The Rockefeller Foundation reached 190,000 people with a single post.

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  • See how Five Guys keeps its personality—while letting 1,200 franchisees join the conversation.

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  • Learn how 1&1 Internet's 6,800 employees serve 14 million customers on social media.

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  • Discover how the Australian Open used social media to generate its highest ticket sales ever.

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  • Discover how DAVIDsTEA uses Hootsuite to hit a 99% response rate on Twitter.

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Hootsuite metrics allow us to track successes and improve our reach to new and existing audiences.

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