Meet our fearless leaders

Ryan Holmes,CEO

Ryan Holmes


Ryan founded Hootsuite in 2008. He has since been at the forefront of social business, leading our team while funding programs that empower the next generation of startups and entrepreneurs.

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Steve Johnson


Steve has worked in startups, technology, and business development. He also founded the software iAbida to improve communications for the teams working with special needs children.

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James Rumble


James has worked with airlines, telecoms, and local search. Over the years, he's brought his expertise to large multinationals, turnarounds, and start ups in both operations and financial officer roles.

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Ajai Sehgal, Chief Technical Officer at Hootsuite

Ajai Sehgal


With more than 18 years of expertise, Ajai leads our engineers to improve our product and technology. Before Hootsuite, he helped scale Expedia from a startup of just 60 people into the world’s largest travel agency.

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Irwan Tjan, CISO at Hootsuite

Irwan Tjan


As our Security & Compliance lead, Irwan weaves controls throughout our products and processes. He has 20 years of security, compliance, audit, and consulting experience at companies like Expedia and Ernst & Young LLP.

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Jimmy Duvall, Hootsuite VP Product

Jimmy Duvall

VP Product

As VP Product, Jimmy leads product management, product design, and global product strategy. Before landing in the nest, he gained over 20 years of product leadership experience at companies like Yahoo! and eBay.

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Simon Stanlake

VP Technology

Simon oversees the growth, development, and improvement of our technology platform. With degrees in both Computer Science and Honors Physics, he brings expertise in areas like location based services, DBMSs, logistics and analytics. 

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Gregory Gunn

Gregory Gunn

VP Business Development

Greg leads partnerships, integrations, and international expansion at Hootsuite. His passion is crafting SaaS business solutions that bring together people, technology, and data. 

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Traci Mercer, Global VP of Online Revenue at Hootsuite

Traci Mercer

Global VP Online Revenue

Traci is in charge of driving revenue throughout our online product ecosystem. For over 15 years, she has been creating rapid & scalable B2B and B2C revenue growth in the North American and Asian Pacific markets in travel and ecommerce.

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Rob Begg, VP Enterprise Social Strategy at Hootsuite

Rob Begg

VP Enterprise Social Strategy

Rob works with our customers, partners, and team to put social business, products, and strategy to work for enterprise companies. He has over 6 years of enterprise social media expertise at companies like Salesforce and Radian6.

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Ambrosia Humphrey

Ambrosia Humphrey

VP Talent

Ambrosia has built and developed top talent and employers for over a decade. At Hootsuite, her team drives our employee-centric culture and Social HR frontiers. She's also the co-founder of the music initiative #singitfwd.

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Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien

VP Partners

Kevin has been managing large-scale partnership and channel programs for over 18 years. He has a wealth of leadership experience— building programs around distribution and reseller partners, app partners, and franchises.

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Jeanette Gibson

Jeanette Gibson

VP Community and Customer Experience

Jeanette brings 20 years of experience in technology, online communities, and social media to our team. She manages our vibrant global community and ensures our customers are the core of our products.

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Matt Switzer

Matt Switzer

VP Partnerships and Corporate Development

Matt has spent his career advising, merging, starting, and growing companies from Toronto to Hong Kong. Now in Vancouver, he creates value for our customers, partners, employees, and investors. 

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DeeAnna McPherson

Dee Anna McPherson

VP Marketing

Dee Anna leads our marketing strategy, drives growth, and builds our global brand. She was previously the VP of Marketing at Yammer where she propelled 300% annual growth and a $1.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft.

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Darren Suomi

Darren Suomi

GM Americas

From business intelligence and resource planning to global sales strategies and brand acquisitions, Darren has done it all. He has also sat on the board for several local charities and has a great passion for community involvement.

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Joseph Smith, GM EMEA at Hootsuite

Joseph Smith


Joseph leads our vision for long-term growth in the EMEA region. He has over 15 years of experience in technology and finance, with key leadership roles in Global Sales, Sales Operations, Consulting, and Brand Management.

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Paula Pepin

Paula Pepin

General Counsel

Ensuring legal is never an obstacle to common sense, Paula leads our global legal function. She has over 13 years of legal leadership experience—most recently building Canpages into one of Canada's fastest growing businesses.

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