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With more than 15 million users and counting, we have the power to effect positive change. HootGiving is all about using our software, our skills, and the power of social media to change the world we live in. 

Hootgiving Nonprofit

We offer discounts for nonprofits

To make it easier for your nonprofit to harness the power of social media, we offer a nonprofit discount of up to 50% on our social media solutions. Apply today—and lets do something great together.

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Hootgiving Educate Non Profits

Wir bieten Schulungen für gemeinnützige Organisationen an

Take advantage of personalized education with one of our Social Media Coaches and optimize your social media strategy. Learn how to measure direct social media ROI with end-to-end tracking, delegate tasks, manage permissions, collaborate more efficiently with team members, and more.

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Hootgiving Invest Future

We invest in the future

The Next Big Thing is our program dedicated to inspiring and facilitating the next generation of entrepreneurship. We give young innovators the tools and education they need to bring ideas to life and build a better future.

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As a nonprofit, we aren't able to have dedicated social media managers. The Hootsuite platform, coupled with personalized education from Hootsuite's Social Media Coaches, lets us leverage our regional leads to engage in social on our organization's behalf.

Patricia Gilmore Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada