Img Overall Sentiment

Évaluez l'accueil réservé à votre marque sur les réseaux sociaux

Understand how people feel about your brand and then easily filter results by location, language, and gender—for a multi-dimensional view of your market segments. If the conversation around your brand starts trending negatively within a specific segment—such as women on Twitter, or Spanish-speaking men—you can act quickly to understand and manage the issue.

Img Real Time Data

Ne manquez plus les conversations sociales importantes

Go beyond your own social channels to tap into the conversations happening on news sites, blogs, forums, and other public places. Hootsuite Insights accesses real-time data from over 100 million sources in 50+ languages across 25+ social networks and other platforms.

Img Real Time Results

Obtenez des résultats en temps réel, sans avoir à attendre

No need to run complicated queries, or wait for other people to run reports. Your dashboard is always up to date with real-time data and insights.

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Soyez le premier informé lorsque des tendances se dessinent

Sleep at night, knowing you can set alerts to be notified instantly of any unusual spikes in volume, sentiment, or other measure. Is a customer complaint going viral? Be the first to hear about it so you can get ahead of it.

Img Intutive Interface

Une interface intuitive qui mène à l'adhésion

Data only makes a difference for your organization if it gets used. Hootsuite Insights drives wider adoption of social media analytics across your organization with compelling, easy-to-understand graphics that give your people the information they need to act.

À partir de Hootsuite Insights, nous configurons des flux destinés au suivi des conversations et interactions liées à nos campagnes. Ainsi, nous identifions toute forte hausse de notre taux d'engagement liée à nos activités sur les médias sociaux.

Bianca Anderson Social Media Manager DaVita Kidney Care

Obtenez des informations accessibles en temps réel sur votre marque

  • Graphique : See the context with Conversation Maps

    See the context with Conversation Maps

    See the most commonly used words and phrases related to your search—to really understand how people are talking about your brand, products, or company in context—with our intuitive Conversation Maps feature.

  • Graphique : Focus on what matters with customized Boards

    Focus on what matters with customized Boards

    Get the information you need for your role, and organize it in a way that makes the most sense to you, with our flexible Boards feature. Pull in the widgets that tell the story you need to follow, so you can cut through the noise.

  • Graphique : Save time with smarter, automatic Reports

    Save time with smarter, automatic Reports

    Stop fussing with slides and spreadsheets. Our intuitive Reports let you create a template once, set a frequency, and your reports are refreshed with up-to-date data and emailed to your specified list—automatically.

Img Hr Recruitment

Des analyses des médias sociaux si intuitives que votre équipe toute entière peut en bénéficier

Hootsuite Insights isn't just for your social team. Its intuitive, easy-to-grasp reports bring the power of real-time social media analytics to every department in your organization.

See some of the teams that can benefit from Hootsuite Insights.

Hootsuite Insights nous a aidés à prendre connaissance des conversations les plus pertinentes en temps réel lors de l'événement « Purdue Day of Giving ». Grâce à cet outil, nous avons pu interagir avec les bonnes personnes en fonction de leurs activités sur les médias sociaux et personnaliser les réponses envoyées à chacun de nos bienfaiteurs.

Kate Jolly Purdue Day of Giving Project Manager, Director of Digital Fundraising University Development Office