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Video Transcript

Social media professionals often need to collaborate with their team while on the go to address issues quickly and accurately, and stay on top of important opportunities to engage with their audience.

With Hootsuite you can share engagement streams with teams, which allows everyone to monitor the same social feed and see which messages have been responded to and by whom.

In Hootsuite Mobile, these shared streams are indicated by the “people” icon.

To assign an incoming social message to the team member or team best suited to address it, simply tap the “more” button on a message, followed by “assign to…”

Here you can select the team and the person you’d like to respond.

If you need to provide instruction or context, use this space to include a note, and then hit “assign.”

For example, say you’re running a booth at a conference when a question from a potential customer comes through.

You can easily assign it to a team member so they can provide a timely response while you’re busy.

As in the dashboard, coloured frames indicate if the message has been assigned or resolved.

Assignments made from your dashboard will be visible on mobile, and vice versa, so you always have a clear picture of which messages have been taken care of.

Hootsuite Mobile also lets you take the security of message approval functionality with you on the go.

Messages composed by your team that are a waiting approval will appear in the Publisher.

If you have approval privileges, you can approve, edit, or delete a drafted message right from the app.

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