8 Agosto 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    improved Facebook Page mentions and Branded Content

    With this fix, customers are again able to search for and @mention Facebook Pages through the classic compose box within the dashboard.

1 Agosto 2018

  • Amplify

    new New Facebook profile sharing workflow for Amplify

    To align with Facebook’s new requirements, Amplify now has a new sharing flow that is based on Facebook’s native ‘Share Card’. 


1 Agosto 2018

  • Hootsuite App Directory

    new New app release: KAWO

    The KAWO app for Hootsuite allows joint KAWO and Hootsuite customers to easily track content on WeChat and Weibo. Customers can review posts scheduled by their team and monitor the latest content stats within the Hootsuite dashboard.


27 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Mobile App

    improved Hootsuite Mobile App V3.19.0 release for both iOS and Android

    This new version includes several fixes, such as scheduled posts not appearing in Publisher, empty search results for Twitter streams (Android), @mentions not showing links in Twitter detail view (iOS).

    This version also includes the great addition of the new Planner, allowing customers to easily view all scheduled content and navigate between days.


25 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new Hootsuite’s Planner General Release

    The new Planner within the Hootsuite Dashboard is now out of beta and available to all customers. It provides a better scheduling experience, allowing users to more easily view, manage and edit their scheduled content.

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new Integration of Brandwatch metrics in Analytics

    Enterprise customers with Brandwatch accounts can now monitor and respond to trends and gain valuable competitive insights from 90M+ non-owned channels all from within the Hootsuite dashboard. 

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    fixed Posts to all networks were failing with the message “Internal Error”

23 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new Automated Team and Organization Setup

    Teams and Organizations are now automatically created for new Team Plan customers upon setting up their Hootsuite account.

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new Facebook Messenger Handover Protocol for Inbox

    This new addition to Inbox within the Hootsuite dashboard enables two or more Facebook apps to collaborate within a single conversation in Messenger by passing control of the conversation between them. With the protocol, Hootsuite customers can use a chatbot for handling automated responses and Inbox for customer support with live agents.

17 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new The Hootsuite dashboard is now available in Korean

16 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new New Composer Onboarding

    New users will now be taken through a quick 5 step walkthrough of adding/selecting a social network, composing and previewing a post, adding media, scheduling and sending.

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new My Posts Stream for Instagram Business Profiles

    The new My Posts Stream for Business Profiles enables customers to see the engagement on their content, engage with their community on their content and moderate comments.

13 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    fixed Incorrect error message upon creation of Instagram post

    Incorrect error messaging was appearing when an Instagram post was created <5 minutes prior to the post’s scheduled time. Accurate error messaging has now been added.

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    fixed Addition of Instagram profile to Hootsuite dashboard prompting a 500 Internal Error

    When adding a new Instagram profile, users were experiencing a 500 Internal Error. This issue has now been resolved.

11 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    improved Ability to reshare Instagram posts from Hashtag and Location search streams

10 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    fixed Ability to edit scheduled posts for Instagram Direct Publishing

9 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    fixed Dashboard not loading after plan downgrade

    Users with organizations who queued a downgrade were previously unable to access the dashboard after the downgrade. This issue has now been fixed. 

6 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    improved Social Network Authorization Workflow Improvements

    The process of adding social networks to Hootsuite has been improved and now allows customers to view the full names of their pages when importing them, as well as search for specific pages to import.

4 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    improved New navigation in Analytics

    Previous analytics tabs (Overview, Boards, Post Performance) have now been replaced by a left-hand navigation menu that will include Specialized Reports, Boards and Apps.

    This improvement means a smoother and more unified analytics experience for customers, bringing together all reporting in one place.

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    new Boost a single post

    This new addition to Boost within the Hootsuite dashboard allows customers to pick specific posts they want to invest in, easily promote them, and review their performance.

  • Hootsuite Dashboard

    fixed Amplify stream failing to load in Hootsuite

    The Amplify app stream was not loading in the Hootsuite dashboard. This issue has now been fixed. 

  • AdEspresso by Hootsuite

    new Manage Google Adwords campaigns

    This new addition to AdEspresso allows customers to easily create Google Adwords campaigns and measure their performance with analytics. 


3 Julio 2018

  • Hootsuite Impact

    improved Addition of YouTube and Instagram data export to BI or Data Warehousing

    Impact Data Export/BI allows customers to have their data automatically exported from Hootsuite Impact to an internet accessible file store or database (server or business intelligence tool).

    With this improvement, customers can now analyze social data from YouTube and Instagram in their business intelligence tool, alongside other key business data.

  • Hootsuite Impact

    new Track performance of paid Facebook posts

    Hootsuite Impact customers can now track web analytics conversions of Facebook paid posts. This enables end to end measurement of all paid posts from when they appear on Facebook to when they hit a conversion goal on the destination website.

  • Hootsuite Impact

    new Filter out dark posts on Facebook

    This new filtering capability allows Hootsuite Impact customers to filter out all posts that are hidden and have ad spend behind them, with the option to view only dark posts, or to exclude them altogether.