App Directory Developers

Whether you want to build and distribute an app through the Hootsuite App Directory, or develop custom apps to meet your organization’s unique needs, let’s work together to build on the power of social.

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Build High Quality Social App Experiences

The App Directory SDK was designed to make it quick and easy to integrate your app with Hootsuite. Bring additional content into Hootsuite streams, publish to supported social networks and your app simultaneously, connect social profiles and messages with your customer database, and more.    

Gain Exposure with a Highly Engaged Audience

Get your app in front of more than 10 million Hootsuite customers (including 800+ of the Fortune 1000 companies) by publicly listing in the Hootsuite App Directory. Enroll in our paid app program to monetize your app and earn some cash for your efforts.

Develop Custom Apps for Business

Build and deploy custom Apps specifically for your organization’s unique needs, or feature your App publicly in the Hootsuite App Directory, which includes more than 100 other Apps such as Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Brandwatch, MailChimp, and SurveyMonkey.

Developer Program Benefits

    • Develop on a stable, battle-tested platform
    • Access comprehensive documentation and resources
    • Get traction with a massive, highly engaged audience
    • Gain exposure through promotional programs
    • Earn money with our paid apps program
    • Low barrier to entry and cost
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Ready to get started?   Apply for developer access today