To capture the full value of social media, financial services leaders must step up and enable the growth of social beyond the marketing department.

To an extent, this is already happening—financial advisors are using social to engage new clients and customer support teams are using it to reduce call volumes.

Join Davis Riar, Hootsuite’s Senior Business Value Analyst and guest speaker Courtney Fischbach, VP of Social Media at Legg Mason Global Asset Management to learn how you can use social across your organization to align the goals of your business with the goals of your customers.

What You'll Learn

  • How to engage clients with personalized content in the Age of the Individual
  • Why integrating social data into existing technology can help you put customers at the center of everything you do
  • Real-life examples from Legg Mason on using social to rally the organization around the needs of the customer

  • Photo of Davis Riar

    Davis Riar

    Senior Business Value Analyst at Hootsuite

    Davis specializes in using data to help financial services organizations uncover solutions and apply industry-leading best practices to their business.

  • Photo of Courtney Fischbach

    Courtney Fischbach

    VP of Social Media at Legg Mason Global Asset Management

    Courtney is responsible for all social media operations, content strategy, technology, and social intelligence at Legg Mason.