Social HR: Attracting Top Talent the Hootsuite Way

The rewards for attracting and retaining top talent are huge—faster growth, greater brand awareness, and higher revenues.

Since 2008, our team has grown from four people to over 700 and growing. We get 400 applications a week—with over 95% of our new hires joining after 2011. And our success has been directly connected to our ability to attract top talent.

Join our webinar featuring Hootsuite’s VP of Talent, Ambrosia Vertesi, for the inside story of how Social HR helped our us grow into a world leader—and why building a social organization with employees as brand ambassadors is the way ahead.

Attracting Top Talent the Hootsuite Way

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn how to leverage social to attract top talent, including how to:

  • Grow your business by using social media to attract and retain the very best people
  • Sell your CEO on the value of a distinct HR social channel, as part of a social organization
  • Encourage employees to use social media to extend your brand’s reach online—and attract talent

  • Photo of Ambrosia Vertesi

    Ambrosia Vertesi

    VP of Talent

    Ambrosia is the VP of Talent at Hootsuite. Since 2011 she’s spearheaded the company’s hypergrowth, bringing its employees from 20 to over 800—in 4 years. She’s passionate about empowering others in her field to effectively align technology with their objectives, their people and their culture. In her time at Hootsuite, Ambrosia has built and developed a top talent organization by incorporating emerging technologies—including social media—into traditional HR operations and processes.