Growing numbers of global organizations—from consumer brands to major universities to big league sports teams—are building large-scale command centers for their social media.

Can your organization benefit from a dedicated hub that will help your team monitor and respond to the many opportunities flooding in via Facebook, Twitter and other channels? 

Watch Social Business Command Centers and explore enterprise-class data visualization tools that combine social engagement with real-time analytics for powerful decision-making capabilities.

In this webinar, Michael Brito, Senior VP of Social Business Planning at Edelman, will show you how to:

  • Successfully deploy a social media command center for organization-wide analytics.
  • Use command centers to monitor and track social messaging performance.
  • Empower global social teams through increased engagement.

Our event speakers

Photo of Michael Brito

Michael Brito

Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning, Edelman

Michael Brito is Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning at Edelman. Through social business planning and strategic consulting, he has helped his clients operationalize their content marketing strategies, enable better customer relationships, enable employee engagement and advocacy; and scale their social programs globally; with the end result of creating shared value among employees, partners and customers.