From Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar selfie “breaking” Twitter with over 2 million retweets in less than 30 minutes, to HBO crowdsourcing a social media comedy roast for Game of Thrones characters, the way the entertainment industry interacts with audiences has changed.

Learn the strategies and tactics you need to successfully—and securely—integrate social media into your holistic marketing strategy in our upcoming webinar:

Watch now to learn how you can use social media to reach new audiences, measure content performance, and boost your numbers, plus:

  • Content and new monetization strategies to generate increased listenership/viewership, subscriptions, and ad revenue
  • Proactive tactics to mitigate risks, secure confidential information, and reduce hacking threats
  • How to measure the impact, reach, and engagement values of any given campaign

Our event speakers

Photo of Rob Begg

Rob Begg

VP Enterprise Strategy, Hootsuite

Rob Begg is Hootsuite’s VP Enterprise Strategy. He works with Hootsuite's customers, partners and team to help figure out how social business, product and strategy all come together for enterprise companies. Rob often speaks on the how social business is evolving for enterprise companies and loves to hear stories on how other businesses are scaling social in their organization

Photo of Ally Branley

Ally Branley

Social Media Marketing Manager, Channel 4

Ally Branley is Channel 4’s Social Media Marketing Manager. Although rooted in the marketing team, she leads cross-departmental work streams to unify Channel 4’s social media output and strategy across communication teams and online channels.

Photo of Kaitlin Jurt

Kaitlin Jurt

Social Media Manager, Spike TV

Kaitlin manages paid and organic social media strategy for Spike, part of the Viacom Entertainment Group, an American media company. She leads a team of social media producers on the digital side, working with many of the Spike and Viacom Entertainment Group teams to assemble social media programs across multiple shows, in season and out. This includes, but is not limited to, bridging the gap between client/talent and social media, managing paid social content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & more, foraging into new platforms and leading the charge on creating new experiences for fans on seasoned platforms in real time.