Social media is much more than a broadcasting channel for your law firm. By closely monitoring the social conversations and sentiment around your client or a particular situation, you can gather vital information that can help you acquire and advise clients.
Social listening can even surface potential new clients—for example for a class action lawsuit—and help you gather evidence.
In our webinar featuring Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence at Clio, who will show you how to leverage social to achieve specific, measurable business goals, and Hootsuite’s Jonathan Reedy, who has extensive experience in social media compliance, risk, and governance.

Watch now and you’ll discover:

  • How to use social networks to research and collect data for new client acquisition
  • Steps you can take to mitigate and manage your clients’ social media risk
  • Social media and the evidentiary chain—when social becomes your firm's private investigator

  • Photo of Joshua Lenon

    Joshua Lenon

    Lawyer in Residence, Clio

    Joshua currently serves as Lawyer-in-Residence for Clio, providing legal scholarship and research skills to the leading cloud-based practice management platform.  He's been a guest lecturer at MIT, the International Legal Technology Association, is a member of Washington State Bar Association's Committee on the Legal Profession, and been published in Above the Law.

  • Photo of Jonathan Reedy

    Jonathan Reedy

    Senior Manager, Business Development, Hootsuite

    Jonathan is Hootsuite's Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Development for Regulated Markets and he focuses on building strategic partnerships with the leading brands in compliance, risk and governance. Jonathan has an extensive background in marketing, sales and business development across a range of industries including HRIS, Operational Efficiency Management Consulting and SaaS Technology in the compliance vertical. Fun fact, Jonathan competed in Ski Halfpipe in the X-Games for 5 years and is the 2003 US Open Ski Halfpipe champion.

  • Photo of Kemp Edmonds

    Kemp Edmonds

    Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite

    Kemp Edmonds works for Vancouver-based Hootsuite as Lead Solutions Consultant. He speaks to audiences on the politics of social networks, online communications, digital law and culture. Kemp is a Board Member of Social Media Club International; the largest professional organization of its kind. His passion for people, technology and education enables his work. He can be found blogging on, chopping wood on small islands in the Howe Sound and documenting life with his wife and son.