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Social Selling Within Large Organizations

Social media has revolutionized the way people research products and services before they buy.

So it makes sense that smart sales pros need to use social media to change the way they sell.

Social selling—using social media to identify and engage prospects at the right time—is the fuel salespeople need to accelerate sales cycles and improve their close rates.

If you and your team are ready to accelerate sales cycles and improve close rates, watch Social Selling within Large Organizations now to discover how to:

  • Leverage social media to uncover new opportunities and close sales
  • Beat the competition with deeper observation and a better understanding of buyers’ needs -- and their all-important buying signals
  • Become a trusted advisor to clients by curating targeted thought-leadership content
  • Implement an effective enterprise social selling strategy across your organization

To learn more about effective ways to engage with prospects through social media, just fill in the form on the right side of this page, and you’ll get instant access to Social Selling within Large Organizations. 


Ready to take the next step toward becoming a social business?

Register for a demo now and see how Hootsuite Enterprise can help you drive business-wide results from your social outreach. 
Your interactive demo will include:

  • The strategic functionality of Hootsuite Enterprise
  • How Hootsuite unifies the objectives of large teams
  • How Hootsuite’s most successful clients use the platform
  • Integrating Hootsuite with the tools and platforms you rely on every day
  • Using Hootsuite Enterprise analytics and visualization tools to optimize your campaigns and demonstrate social media ROI to the rest of your organization
  • Training and support provided by our Enterprise team

Plus, there will be ample time for you to ask the questions that matter to you and your business.

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