Marketers have been having theoretical arguments about measuring the return they get on their social media investment for years.

What’s often missing from the discussion is how you can create a meaningful framework that lets you confidently measure—and prove—your organization’s unique social ROI.

This webinar will provide you with clear, actionable recommendations on how to:

  • Choose the specific metrics that will help prove your real ROI of social

  • Discover and define your organization’s specific and meaningful ROI

  • Build a framework that will demonstrate your ROI in relation to your business needs and KPIs.

Our event speakers

Photo of Amber Naslund

Amber Naslund

Senior Director, Industry Leadership, Hootsuite

Amber is the Senior Director, Industry Leadership for Hootsuite, where she leads a global team of subject matter experts in digital strategy for marketing, sales, customer experience and employee advocacy. Amber has deep experience in digital transformation, marketing strategy, and social media. She is also the co-author of the best-selling book The Now Revolution, which helps businesses navigate the cultural and operational shifts that true digital adoption requires.

Photo of David Creighton‎

David Creighton‎

Director, Value Realization and Analytics, Hootsuite

David is the Director of Value Realization and Analytics at Hootsuite, where he works closely with large organizations to define, measure and prove to ROI of social media and its impact on their digital transformation efforts. David brings a wealth of experience in technology, engineering, and business strategy. Prior to Hootsuite, he was a Principal, in the Industry Value Engineering group at SAP, where he worked with large Retail and CPG companies to help them build the business case for large transformational technology investments.