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Managing Risk in a Social Organization

What Every CIO Needs to Know


The increase of social media usage across different teams, business units and regions is challenging the IT department’s ability to manage security & compliance risks.

Without a cohesive, organization-wide strategy, organizations are faced with potential brand-damaging social hijacking, loss of customer trust, and significant penalties for breaches to compliance regulations. 

Join our guests for in-depth look at what’s required for CIOs to balance the risk vs. opportunity that social media brings to an organization.
Watch the on-demand webinar, hosted by, now to learn about:

  • The current state of security and compliance risks in the digital era (high-level & industry trends).
  • Strategies to protect your global organization
  • Available solutions to empower broad social media usage in a controlled environment.


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  • Integrating Hootsuite with the tools and platforms you rely on every day
  • Using Hootsuite Enterprise analytics and visualization tools to optimize your campaigns and demonstrate social media ROI to the rest of your organization
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