LinkedIn has over 161 million members worldwide. 80% of those members make business decisions within their organization. How can you align your company’s social efforts and build business relationships with these decision makers?

Hootsuite University is pleased to host Relationships that Drive Results: 5 Key Steps to Engaging Followers on LinkedIn, with Mike Grishaver and Andrew Kaplan from LinkedIn. Learn from the experts on how to grow your business through LinkedIn Company Pages by exploring ...

  • Creating engaging status updates
  • Optimizing your page’s performance
  • Driving conversation and amplification
  • A best practice case from HubSpot

Our event speakers

Photo of Mike Grishaver

Mike Grishaver

Product Management & Monetization, Company Pages at LinkedIn

Mike Grishaver brings over a decade of technology leadership to LinkedIn, where he oversees product development on Company Pages. In addition to founding and building the social media marketing firm Activated Networks, Mike has served as a director of product management at Yahoo!. Mike’s impact on social media is wide-ranging: Not only did he help launch status updates on LinkedIn Company Pages, he was instrumental in launching Ashton Kutcher on Twitter.

Photo of Andrew Kaplan

Andrew Kaplan

Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Through rewarding experiences at Silicon Valley startups and large enterprises, Andrew has cultivated a passion for marketing, media, strategy and sales. He loves technology and pursuing both analytical and creative approaches to business problems. Andrew believes the best feeling in the world is working with a high-energy team that’s building something great.