In 2013, the General Services Administration introduced guidelines to measure federal agencies’ social media success.

From responsiveness to engagement, sentiment to loyalty, unlocking this social data can enable citizens and agencies to realize the full potential of social media.

Ensure you’re measuring and optimizing the most valuable metrics. Watch the on-demand webinar now to learn:

  • Developing a consistent method of measuring impact and value, tying social media activities to program objectives and agency mission
  • Using GSA metrics to demonstrate citizen engagement driven by social media programs
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency by migrating communication channels to the social realm
  • Tracking and optimizing GSA metrics using a centrally-managed compliant, social relationship platform

Our event speakers

Photo of Beverly Macy

Beverly Macy

Social media thought leader

Acclaimed social media thought leader Beverly Macy draws on her experience as author, educator and industry expert on the evolution of social business to help organizations, brands and individuals leverage social media’s speed to create buzz, strengthen their message, listen to customers and effectively measure results.