How We Do It: Insider Tips for Running Great Social Contests

Want to know how we generated thousands of compelling social media images of a popular event—without taking a single shot ourselves?

The Hootsuite Campaigns team has been running our own social contests and campaigns for years, and we’ve learned a few things along the way.

So we’d love to show you—using our own winning contests and campaigns as examples—exactly why social marketing can be up to 60% percent more effective than traditional advertising.

Watch our webinar to get behind-the-scenes insights from two of our best-performing lead generation and user-generated content campaigns—and learn how you can implement your own stellar campaigns, too.

How We Do It: Insider Tips for Running Great Social Contests
This webinar provides insider tips from the Hootsuite Campaigns team, including:

  • The secrets to the success of our “Win Hootsuite Pro for Life” sweepstakes—which generated 1000s of qualified leads
  • Behind the scenes of the “Hootsuite in Austin” campaign—Behind the scenes of the “Hootsuite in Austin” campaign—our hugely popular Social Gallery of user-generated content hub created at South by Southwest
  • How you can use Hootsuite Campaigns to run your own campaigns—to engage your community, build your brand, or generate leads

  • Photo of Richard Hungerford

    Richard Hungerford

    Director of Product Management, Hootsuite

    Richard is responsible for leading the marketing, sales and product team of Hootsuite Campaigns. Prior to joining Hootsuite, Richard was CEO of Brightkit, a social marketing platform acquired by Hootsuite in July, 2014. He’s helped leading brands and agencies such as NBC, the NHL, Universal Music Group and 3M, launch social media campaigns.

  • Photo of Candice Charleton

    Candice Charleton

    Senior Manager, Global Social and Community, Hootsuite

    Candice Charleton, Senior Manager, Global Social and Community oversees Hootsuite’s world class team of social content and engagement experts who own the organization’s global presence on pretty much every social media platform. She brings both agency and in-house experience in social media strategy and community building to her role, knowing that success with social requires staying nimble and measuring every result.

  • Photo of Evan LePage

    Evan LePage

    Blog Specialist, Hootsuite

    Evan is a blog specialist on the Hootsuite marketing team, and has been at the company for almost 3 years. In addition to writing and editing for the blog, he helps with the ideation, execution and management of major content marketing campaigns, like Hootsuite's Social Media Game of Thrones video, Dr. Seuss Guide to Twitter and #SocialNotScary Halloween project. Outside of work, Evan is a huge Montreal Canadiens fan and spends most of his nights playing or watching hockey.