The viral nature of social media can amplify your customer’s voice—letting bad experiences quickly snowball into virtual uprisings, and hurting your brand reputation.

But smart organisations are learning to use the social’s power to amplify to their advantage.

See how providing proactive customer service through social lets you create memorable experiences that go viral—winning customer loyalty.

Watch this webinar—presented in partnership with Zendesk—to learn how to :

  • Use social media to deliver consistent cross-channel customer support experiences
  • Provide proactive—not reactive—customer care to prevent PR disasters
  • Run a more efficient support team to increase overall customer satisfaction

Watch now, and discover how you can deliver effective and memorable customer service through social media.

  • Photo of Tom Blackman

    Tom Blackman

    Sales & Account Management for Asia, ZenDesk

    Tom manages Zendesk Sales & Account Management for Asia. He works with customers from various industries ranging from small-to-medium enterprises to blue chip organizations; and works closely with Kickstart Ventures as a Mentor to the portfolio companies, as well.  

    He has previously worked with some of the most prominent Philippine startups, running Product Marketing, Creatives and Business Development. Over a decade of experience in customer service, process improvement and training now allows him to become an authority in the industry.

  • Photo of Andy Yeo

    Andy Yeo

    Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite

    Andy helps enterprises understand the possibilities for success in social. He is an expert in customer retention and building long-term business relationships with his clients across Asia Pacific, guiding them through their social journey by helping them with their problems. For his clients, he develops ways for them solve business problems and achieve strategic goals by leveraging social media. Andy was previously the region’s customer success manager focused on social strategy execution and on-going education.

  • Photo of Chris Brownlee

    Chris Brownlee

    Senior Integrations Manager, App Directory

    Chris manages the App Directory program at Hootsuite and works with partners to inform new product solutions through app integrations. Having successfully launched over 150 partner integrations, that have helped drive joint success for developers and partners. Chris has worked with a wide spectrum of partners that specialize in customer support, CRM, marketing and more.