Hootsuite Social Share

Make content sharing easier for your audience.

Add Hootsuite's Social Share tool to your site or app! Instead of sharing to each social network discretely and at the time the content is consumed, allow visitors to amplify your content to their fans / followers across multiple social networks at the optimal time. A single click allows anyone to share page links and descriptions directly to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ Pages and more.

Features of Social Share:

Multiple Networks

Your audience can share your content to multiple social networks simultaneously. Learn More.

Optimal Scheduling of Messages

Your content will be shared at optimal times, increasing the subsequent engagement and sharing. Learn more about message scheduling.

Ow.ly Vanity URL Integration

Allow all your shared content to include a vanity URL. (ex. http://mash.to/sN2fs) for Mashable

Usage Analytics and Tracking (Enterprise Only)

Publishers see how often the social share button is being used.

Rapid Integration

Under 15 minutes to set up the sharing button.

Image and File Sharing

Your audience can append images, PDF files and other supported document types when sharing your content.