Publishers embrace the social media era

How UK newspaper publisher Local World scaled social media across 400 profiles

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Local World is one of the largest regional media networks in the UK, serving communities through a portfolio of over 100 long-standing print titles and more than 70 websites. Local World publishes more content on a daily basis than The Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mirror and The Times combined.

Recognising that the rise of social media was a major opportunity to build deeper, targeted connections with their local and niche audiences, the team behind Local World turned to Hootsuite Enterprise.

We needed a new approach to ensure that the hundreds of people who managed Local World’s accounts could do so with the right knowledge, data, and understanding.

Scott Hornsby
Head of Social MediaLocal World

We spoke with Scott Hornsby, the Head of Social Media at Local World, before his presentation at Connect via Hootsuite London to learn how media companies like UK Newspaper Publisher, Local World can manage regional social profiles easily, while saving valuable time and resources. Here's what he told us:

Taking this one step further, download the Local World case study to learn how—in just 10 months—the media company:

  • Created a scalable social media strategy to expand with 107 regional newspapers and across 400 social media profiles and 74 websites
  • Empowered newsrooms across the UK to find and publish the best content
  • DoubledTwitter followers and Facebook likes
  • Tripled lift in web referrals from social media relative to other sources
  • Increased daily website referrals attributed to social media by 40%

Current social referrals to our sites for 2015 are running at nearly 40% daily. Editorial teams have really taken on board the engagement element of social and are taking more time to immerse themselves in the conversation that is happening around a given subject.

Scott Hornsby
Head of Social MediaLocal World