The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), one of Spain’s top technical universities, has watched student engagement numbers and positive sentiment rise since the communications team made social media a priority. With the goal of answering all student inquiries that come through the university’s social media accounts on the same day they were posted or sent, the team has adopted Hootsuite to help collaborate, strategize, and organize their social media efforts. 

Relying on the Hootsuite dashboard to reach out to students through social media, the communications team at UPV recently increased followers by 215%—in just 2 weeks

Get more in-depth information by reading the UPV success story, and see how the communications team successfully improved processes and set achievable goals for their social media efforts by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing for high-volume periods, and adjusting staff levels as necessary
  • Reaching out to students who require information or assistance
  • Committing to an ongoing social strategy that supports current students and alumni with news and relevant updates for continued engagement
This year, we increased the number of followers by over 560 users in just two weeks. Usually we see 250 new users, so over 560 users in a community of 34,000 students is a great number for us.

—Daniel Robles, Digital Communication Specialist, Universitat Politècnica de València