The United States Government has never had such a powerful and efficient solution for engaging citizens as they do with social media. But in order to maximize their investment, a strategic approach to social engagement is required.

Supported by insights from government leaders and primary and secondary research, this white paper will show you why powerful public agencies must embrace a citizen engagement and service delivery strategy with social media at its core.

Download the white paper to discover:

  • How the use of new technologies can help deliver high-quality and timely services to citizens

  • New approaches to ensuring government employees are empowered to use social media to engage with the public

  • The benefits experienced by agencies who have adopted social media as a means of digitally connecting citizens with government services

  • Examples of effective social governments in action

“Agencies should identify opportunities where adopting new technology will automate processes and result in increased efficiency and budgetary savings … agencies should assess how technology may have changed or eliminated the need for some positions. Agencies should build in flexibility to adapt to ongoing technological advances while offering separation incentives as needed to create openings.”

Memorandum from Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Budgetary Management