How to Schedule and Publish Posts to Instagram via Hootsuite

How to connect your Instagram account to Hootsuite

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Now that Instagram—one of the fastest-growing mobile social networks—is integrated within the Hootsuite platform, you can manage, schedule, and monitor your Instagram activity in a whole new way.

Schedule a month’s worth of Throwback Thursday posts in advance, for example, and publish them in just a few taps when the time comes. You can also set up streams to monitor your own Instagram posts, your scheduled posts, specific users or hashtags, locations, and more—all from the same Hootsuite dashboard you use to manage your other social networks.

Do you have multiple team members managing your Instagram strategy? With Hootsuite Pro and Enterprise, you can now share access to Instagram profiles without sharing passwords, and collaborate through assignments. There is an additional approval function as well for Enterprise customers.

Note: As Instagram requires posts to be published through its mobile app, you need to have both the Instagram app, as well as the latest  Hootsuite mobile app to publish to Instagram. You can download it on the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

Add an Instagram account to Hootsuite

Through the Hootsuite web dashboard:

  1. Click on your Profile Icon in the launch menu and then Add a Social Network.
  2. In the pop-up window, select Instagram and press Connect with Instagram. Enter your credentials and authorize Hootsuite to access your account.
  3. Pick the Tab you want to work with and select Add Stream. Choose Instagram from your list of connected social networks and select your Instagram profile.  
  4. Create Instagram streams for your own posts, scheduled posts, hashtags, users, locations, and more.

Through the Hootsuite mobile dashboard (iOS and Android):

  1. Click on Settings in the Hootsuite mobile app.
  2. Click Add Social Network and select Instagram.
  3. Enter login credentials and authorize Hootsuite to gain access.
  4. You will be auto-subscribed to push notifications. Note: If push notifications are disabled for the Hootsuite mobile app, you must enable them.

Schedule and publish to Instagram

  1. In the Compose box, add the text for your caption (hashtags and emojis are fully supported) and attach your photo. Then click Send Now, Schedule, or Autoschedule.
  2. At the time you chose to publish, you will receive a push notification from your Hootsuite mobile app. Note: Hootsuite push notifications must be turned on to publish to Instagram.
  3. Tap on the push notification on your phone to be directed into the Hootsuite mobile app. Review the post and when you are ready to publish, tap Open In Instagram. Note: Ensure you are logged into the Instagram account you wish to publish to.
  4. Once in the Instagram app, you can filter the image or tag users and a location. The caption you composed in Hootsuite for this image was copied to your device’s clipboard. Tap into the caption box, tap again, and select Paste to add the caption.
  5. Finally, tap Share to publish your image to Instagram.

Important note: If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, your photo will be posted to  the account your Instagram app is currently logged in to, even if it differs from the account selected within Hootsuite. Make sure you are logged in to the correct Instagram account.  

Set up search streams and start engaging on Instagram

Now that you’ve set up your Instagram accounts and have learned how to publish and schedule content through your Hootsuite dashboard, it’s time to start monitoring and engaging.

Learn how to set up search streams for relevant hashtags on Instagram, engage with your community, and amplify Instagram content across your other social networks by watching the short video below.

Additional benefits

Within the Hootsuite mobile app, users also have the ability to:

  • Zoom in on images
  • Re-share images to other social network profiles
  • Save images to your mobile device

Of course, the Hootsuite App Directory has a number of apps that you can use to further enhance your Instagram experience. Vidpiq, Iconosquare, and TrendSpottr will allow you to conduct geo-targeted searches, view statistics and engagement metrics about your posts and Instagram account, and discover what’s trending.

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