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  • Educated 200 Wiley marketing colleagues

  • 90% increase in employee engagement since the certification

  • Empowered colleagues to engage on social with confidence

What they did

Educating entire teams and departments

Not long ago, Wiley had nearly 700 social accounts, most of which lacked a strategy. Since Wiley is divided among their three core business sectors, customers didn’t know where to look online for customer service.

Wiley's colleagues weren’t collaborating on social. Teams and departments ran the risk of duplicating efforts and confusing customers.

Wiley executives quickly recognized that social media training is crucial across multiple teams and departments to give colleagues the social skills they need.

To meet this need, Michelle Lockett was brought onboard as Director of Social Marketing. She saw the need for a scalable, credible, recognized, and innovative training program to address the digital skills gap and put the customer first.

Successful digital transformations require that the right skills are developed, mindsets reframed, and expertise leveraged.

Michelle Lockett
Director of Social MarketingWiley

How they did it

Strategizing, organizing, and educating

Wiley partnered with Hootsuite to develop and deploy a scalable, custom training program: The Wiley Hootsuite Social Marketing Certificate.

Hootsuite’s Training team worked with Lockett to address three core areas of focus for Wiley:

Lockett officially rolled this program out in June 2014 to more than 250 marketing colleagues across Wiley. Within months, the training program expanded beyond marketing to other departments, including customer service, and editorial.

Whether posting personally or on behalf of Wiley, we want all colleagues to feel empowered that they are utilizing the best practices in the space. As we move into a more digital realm, social is going to play a key role in how we engage with and better understand our customers.

Clay Stobaugh
EVP and Chief Marketing OfficerWiley

Lockett placed herself and the program at the center of the Hub and Spoke social business model to effectively deliver training and best practices among Wiley colleagues. “Hootsuite was just as invested in our success as I was in our colleagues’ education,” she says. “It was just a matter of getting everyone to a similar level, but I needed help training and building strategies.”

Working with executives and directors, Lockett halved the amount of social profiles around which colleagues could collaborate. While she gave these colleagues the tools and knowledge to engage customers strategically, they were empowered to manage these channels themselves.

The results

Increased collaboration and strategic thinking

  • 200 Wiley marketing colleagues trained
  • 90% increase in employee engagement since becoming certified

Before rolling out this custom training program, Wiley’s departments didn’t interact with each other—often leaving customers in the dark. In less than a year, colleagues gained the strategic skills and knowledge to collaborate within the Hootsuite platform.

“Scaling social across the organization continues to evolve, but we can already see more internal collaboration,” says Lockett. Wiley's teams now work together to create strategic content calendars for more cohesive sharing and global response sheets for improved customer service.

Using Hootsuite, Lockett and her team can now:

  • Track brand mentions and customer feedback across their main social profiles
  • See how social efforts drive traffic back to their website
  • Auto-tag social messages with tracking codes to see customer movements online

This is only the beginning for Wiley's company-wide digital training. As certification becomes available to more teams across the business, colleagues will be armed with the skills and tools to help drive revenue and business.

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