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Scaling Social: Unleashing the Power of Employee Advocates

Imagine the impact of having your employees enthusiastically re-posting your social messages to their own networks and beyond?

Join Hootsuite’s VP Enterprise Social Strategy, Rob Begg, in this live webinar and discover how to empower your employees to amplify your social messaging—and deepen your campaign reach.

The bonus? It can also boost your corporate culture and help your attract top-flight recruits. Rob will share some of our own secrets that have helped Hootsuite successfully boost our social voice.

Scaling Social: Unleashing the Power of Employee Advocates

Watch this exclusive webinar, and learn:

  • How to scale up social participation of your workforce—without losing control of your brand
  • Proven tactics to make your employees want to spread the word about campaigns and promote company culture
  • How to attract better recruits—and boost culture—by encouraging staff to share their company experiences on socia