Using Social Media to Improve Newsrooms

3 ways to enhance the effectiveness of your newsroom

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Social media is real-time, relevant, engaging, and (hopefully) reliable—just like the news.

During events, elections and crises, millions of people turn to social channels for information and support. Over 150M tweets were sent during the 2012 Olympics, 31.1M during the 2012 U.S. election, and 2.3M during Haiti’s 2010 disaster.

Learn how to capitalize on this wealth of social data and enhance the effectiveness of your newsroom with a Social Media Command Center.

Download the white paper now to explore how your newsroom can:

  • Enhance real-time listening and engagement.
  • Visualize, monitor and track the greater scope of every event, while zooming in on sentiment and conversations.
  • Visualize larger social trends with multiple pieces of data for broadcast.
  • Predict and monitor the results of major elections and political social campaigning.
  • Pulse-check public sentiment surrounding the issues that are key to your audience.