How to use Hootsuite @mentions to tag profiles and pages easier

Find and add users to your messages easily with Hootsuite

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As of now, you have a world of opportunities at your fingertips the moment you type ‘@’ into your Hootsuite Compose message box.

Simply typing ‘@’ automatically performs a live search for any Twitter and Instagram profile and any Facebook Page to include as a mention in your message. Tag as many profiles or Pages as you’d like in your message.

Instead of copying and pasting in an @handle, we’ll help you find the right user easily. No more accidentally mentioning the wrong profile. For those social networks that don’t require an ‘@’ symbol, we’ll replace it with usernames instead.

You can also directly tag Facebook Pages within a message. This will come in handy for collaborations among companies or for those times that you want to give a quick shout out to a brand. We’ve removed the step of having to go to to tag the Page.

How @mentions works within Hootsuite

How to use Hootsuite mentions

  1. Select the social networks you want to publish to.
  2. Type ‘@’ followed by the username you want to mention. A drop down will start to populate results based on your search. 

    Hootsuite mentions example

  3. Continue to type the username or select it from the drop-down.

    Hootsuite mentions profile picker

  4. The selected username will be included as a hyperlinked @username in the Compose message box. The social network icons will help differentiate many profiles. Note: In order to mention a Facebook Page, the message must be published from one your Facebook Page profiles. 

    Hootsuite mentions complete message

  5. Once you’ve included your @mention, continue publishing the message the same as always by clicking ‘Send Now’ or scheduling for later.

When you publish a @mention to a social network, it will link to the respective user and show up on their social feed. For example, if Hootsuite wanted to include MailChimp’s Facebook Page in a co-branded Facebook message, we could simply @mention them and it would appear on their Page’s feed.

Publishing a @mention to its affiliated network, it will appear as a hyperlinked username. However, if you’re also publishing to another network, that same @mention will appear as plain text. For example, if you publish to Twitter and Facebook with Twitter handles included, they will appear unlinked in the Facebook post. For best practice, avoid cross-network @mentions.

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