Unifying Social Media Across the Organization

How to scale and unify your social media strategy across departments

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You’ve probably noticed how social media came to life in isolated pockets throughout your organization.

According to a Harris Survey, one of the top challenges facing social businesses is strategic alignment across different departments, regions, and business units. 

In order to really leverage social media on the enterprise level—and become a truly social organization—everyone needs to be pulling together, with a shared strategy and a clear, consistent voice. 

We have created a guide, Scaling Social Media: How to Unify your Social Media Strategy Across the Organization to show you how to create a unified, focused approach to social media for your enterprise.

In this Hootsuite exclusive guide, you’ll discover practical tips for unifying your social strategy across your organization, including:

  • How to benefit from the insights available through a unified approach to listening and monitoring
  • Ways to help each department meet their unique social goals, while being aligned with overall corporate ones
  • How to organize your social media workflow and permissions to match your existing corporate structure

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