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E-Book: Joining forces to Increase Social ROI & Productivity

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The use of social technologies is impacting how business gets done. Marketing, selling and customer service are in the midst of the biggest digital transformation in years.

Today, customers find solutions, experience trials, select and purchase products or services without ever leaving the comfort of their office. Companies looking to compete and survive must engage with potential prospects online, build relationships and develop trust long before ever meeting face-to-face.

This e-book explores how Hootsuite, integrated with familiar, trusted Microsoft productivity applications, will make it easy to extend social conversations and social selling across the enterprise. A more social enterprise equals more business results.

We will cover key topics as per following:  

  • The Customer Journey —What has changed?
  • Speed, Productivity and Social ROI - Hootsuite and Microsoft integration.
  • Getting Started to maximize your company’s productivity and transform marketing, selling, and customer support.

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