Scaling social across 190 countries

Bupa global healthcare overcame challenge of uniting individual social teams

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Global healthcare organisation, Bupa, is dedicated to ensuring longer, healthier and happier lives of their customers. Their goal was to become an ideal social business wherein any department in the company can respond to customers around the world as and when they need it. As a global business, they initially struggled to unite the individual social teams around the world under one objective. Hootsuite provided them with a platform that spread across multiple levels of adoption

  • Achieved scale across 190 countries
  • Delivered streamlined customer service to over 2 million customers globally
  • Understand social’s impact on every department, globally

Watch the video to learn more about how Bupa used Hootsuite to overcome the challenges they faced scaling social.

If we weren’t using Hootsuite we’d have a lot of admin, a lot of emails, we would have a lot of inefficiency. For the customer it would be a lot slower, it would feel more clunky, and I think it would lead to a lot more customer frustrations. Hootsuite helps us streamline all that. - Josie Salkey, Digital Content Manager, Bupa Global