MailChimp’s Social Support team is at the customer communications front line, offering a first—and lasting—impression into the fun and innovative brand. To help customers design and send over 600 million emails every day, the Social Support team needed clear social media workflows and greater visibility. 

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MailChimp helps more than 9 million people and businesses send better email. Since 2001, their features and integrations have helped customers send marketing emails, automated messages, and improve targeted campaigns.

What they did

Providing 24/7 social customer service

Many customer service teams have moved away from traditional phone support in favor of faster, more efficient online services. MailChimp’s customer support team ensures a positive customer experience through online chats, tutorials, email, and social media.

Social media allows MailChimp to be more effective in resolving inquiries, tracking communications, and gathering customer insights. To meet the demand, MailChimp grew their dedicated Social Support team from one to five members and created a separate social strategy.

Led by Kevan Gammage, Social Support Manager, the team is now dedicated to supporting their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week on social media. 

Before Hootsuite, MailChimp had a customer engagement management tool, but lacked visibility and clear workflow into the customer experience and how effectively the support team resolved inquiries on social media. Within the first week of integrating Hootsuite Enterprise, MailChimp could finally track resolution activities and work to improve the team’s social media workflow and customer experience.

How they did it

MailChimp uses Hootsuite to manage their social media accounts. The Social Support team chose Hootsuite for visibility and data into whether the support team was addressing customer support needs in a timely manner and to streamline workflow. 

For example, the Social Support team monitors all direct traffic on any branded social channels within Hootsuite. This means that if they see a compliance inquiry, as an example, they can easily assign the message to MailChimp’s Compliance team and have a record that it was resolved. 

One-week setup for Hootsuite Enterprise

Working with a Hootsuite launch specialist, Gammage went through Super Admin training and set-up his dashboard to monitor for all brand-related conversations. Within a week, his entire team had gone through Hootsuite training and had coordinated dashboards. Hootsuite University and webinars help his team stay on top of dashboard features that will continue to improve internal collaboration.

Hootsuite has been a valuable tool for enabling multiple members of the team to work efficiently and comfortably since each login profile can set their dashboard up as they wish. That’s something that we haven’t had before and makes things much easier for each one of our team members.

Kevan Gammage
Social Support ManagerMailChimp

Clear social customer service workflow

Team members can easily assign messages within Hootsuite amongst themselves or to other departments. This allows all team members with shared dashboards to follow along and see which support tickets have been assigned to who and check their status (open, assigned, resolved, and so on).

MailChimp’s Social Support team workflow:

    • Members assign messages to themselves for visibility into who’s handling what
    • All team members monitor brand conversations through shared streams
    • When members resolve support tickets, his/her name is attached for analytics
    • Shifts ensure 24/7 coverage with two people monitoring social always
    • Analytics break down who resolved what, when, and in how much time

Gammage tries to meet with each team member once a week to look over what they’ve worked on according to Hootsuite Analytics. “Hootsuite makes it easy for me to see support information on each team member such as time and number of resolutions, customer sentiment, and messaging,” he says. By tagging each response in Hootsuite, they can analyze what happened month-to-month and inform future campaign releases or updates, for example.

Greater visibility into brand conversations

Having the entire team active on Hootsuite makes it much easier for Gammage to keep track of what team members are doing on social. He can oversee all communications and ensure that all incoming questions and comments are answered quickly and accurately, while making sure that no one person is overloaded. Through Hootsuite Assignments, Gammage can track the work of each team member and improve resolution times and quality of responses. 

Hootsuite makes it much easier to keep track of who on the team is having which conversation. It keeps our workload balanced, leads to more users being helped more quickly, and makes assigning tasks to other departments fast!

Kevan Gammage
Social Support ManagerMailChimp

The results

100% Social customer service resolution rate

MailChimp was missing a way of understanding the customer experience around social support. Today, the Social Support team has visibility into all branded communications, can track resolution times and quality down to the team member, and has simple workflows.

MailChimp’s Social Support has achieved: 

    • 100% resolution rate
    • Increased team efficiency and output
    • Greater understanding of brand conversations on social
    • Increased control and security

The ability for our team to easily see what everyone’s working on makes us work as a more well-oiled machine. That efficiency leads to better output and more educated users on social.

Kevan Gammage
Social Support ManagerMailChimp
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