The best ways for museums and art organizations to be social

How three internationally renowned museums and art organizations use social media to stay relevant

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Art organizations and museums all have one thing in common: their collections have the potential to capture a global audience’s attention. Art has the ability to cross borders, break language barriers, and speak to the individual, as well as different societies. Given the nature of social media, art collections are kept alive as people share year-round, across multi-national audiences.

Download this case study to discover how three museums use social media to spread awareness, share their collections, and speak to the global individual. Discover:

  • How the Roald Dahl Museum manages a global audience with a one-person social media team
  • How the Andy Warhol Museum builds awareness for traveling art exhibitions around the globe, in real time
  • How the National Media Museum in England spreads brand awareness and interest around their extensive collection of rich media

Every Monday, I start my day off looking over my Hootsuite customized analytic reports. It’s a great way to get a pulse for what’s going on and what’s resonating most with our fans.

—Joshua Jeffery, Manager of Digital Engagement, The Andy Warhol Museum