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    Supports iPhone 4s or higher. 
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Watch the How-To Videos

Get step-by-step instructions on setting up Amplify and how to share content.


Get Started with Amplify

Social Foundations Lesson5_V2 How to Get Started with Hootsuite Amplify (2016)



Sharing Content with Amplify

Social Foundations Lesson5_V3 Sharing Content with Hootsuite Amplify (2016)

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I add my social networks?

The Amplify app supports your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. You will be prompted to authenticate each social account the first time you try and publish to them. You can remove accounts in Settings. Amplify only supports one social account per social network. If you have multiple social accounts already authenticated in Hootsuite, an Account Selection menu item will appear during onboarding and in Settings to let you select which accounts to publish to.


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

In the login screen, tap Forgot Password. Enter your email address and click Send Email. You will receive an email to reset your password, follow the steps outlined in the email.


How do I turn my push notifications on or off?

Go to your profile and click on Settings on the top right. Under Notifications you can enable or disable pushes for new articles or trending articles.


When I share a post, I can't edit the text. Why is this?

Amplifyis designed to be a streamlined social media sharing experience. If you would like to edit or schedule your posts, simply install the Hootsuite app on your phone. Then, when you're in Amplify, just tap the Hootsuite icon when you want to share a post, and you'll have all the power of Hootsuite mobile at your fingertips.