The field of HR has significantly evolved over the past several years. We’re getting smarter. We’re more advanced. We’ve broadened our skill set to become savvy marketers, sophisticated storytellers and visionary employer brand builders.

Technology is changing everything we do, and its impact can be felt across every stage of the talent lifecycle. The proliferation of emerging HR technologies has left practitioners and leaders with more choices than ever before. But these advancements have also created a growing gap between HR leaders and laggards.

No matter which stage of the HR adoption curve you happen to be at, whether you’re talking practices, approaches or technology, we want to open up the playbooks of those companies on the leading edge and provide insight and information on some of the resources and practices that make them great.

We believe that this open source approach to HR could have a huge impact on our field. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Open Source Comes to Human Resources

Imagine combining actionable examples of real initiatives at real companies really getting things like recruiting, talent development, onboarding and retention right. Imagine being able to access real world examples that you can really use in your own organization. This is the vision – and spirit – driving HROS.

The open source model profoundly changed the software engineering industry, accelerating the industry wide innovation and technological advancement that created the same software that’s now the backbone of the modern web. Similarly, open source HR (#HROS) aims to apply this same model to HR and recruiting.

#HROS is a movement designed to encourage employers to open up their HR playbook, share their best practices, inspire and learn from their peers in talent acquisition and management. Every voice matters. Let us know what’s on your mind.