What is Open-Source HR

Open Source HR (#HROS) is an initiative launched by Hootsuite designed to bring an open source approach to HR and recruiting. The intent of #HROS is to make it easier for practitioners to access the resources, tips, tools and tricks they need to succeed in today’s world of work while hiring and developing the top talent of tomorrow. #HROS is committed to showcasing detailed case studies, case uses and success stories dedicated to informing, educating and inspiring the work of real HR and recruiting professionals.

The long term goal of #HROS is to ultimately create a knowledge bank of case studies and best practices across a wide range of representative industries and company sizes, curating content and fostering collaboration while driving innovation throughout the HR and talent acquisition functions.

Open Source HR consists of two major components. The first involves sharing resources across social platforms and talent communities via the #HROS hashtag. The other primary component of #HROS involves curating and creating detailed practitioner case studies designed to showcase cutting edge innovation and emerging best practices by featuring organizations who have successfully designed, launched and measured meaningful HR and recruitment initiatives – and what other practitioners need to know.